A Guy and His Baby Daughter

Women Loving

The love shared by women,

nothing can compare the rarity.

Like a thirst can better be quenched by lemons

but when you thirst there is a scarcity.


Love strong in its giving,

conquers despair emptiness is lost.

It brings the two together amongst the dying,

time carries on and not much is left to cost.


The triumphant in love sing a song,

merrily they dance and leave completed.

The time of there gathering is short but seems long,

they lay comforted and energies concede.


Nature has caused this eruption of magnitude

to let it slip without notice would not show their gratitude.

~Exposed Loving~



Ocean blue eyes, I swam in them as often as I could they held, had me and

I floated in them.

Tomgirlish, button down shirts and jeans, blond hair wavy sometimes curly I played in it, stayed in it close, I was so very close.

A shared intimacy going way beyond a sexual session, we had an understanding that no one could understand although they all could see the love in our loving.

Exposed Loving๐Ÿ’™, 12.1.18, (Dedicated to Terri S.)



Siren, ย a voice that commands many who believe that you are the only one speaking to them.

Lucky us, the few chosen, you have called are not lucky at all but fortunate beasts tamed by your wit and fleshy whip conveyed through your sounds, voice, the two not being confused but both used at your convenience.

Call me anytime, say anything but say something anytime anywhere just stay and say, don’t change keep me in the meaningful misery of your mystery, close, closest, closer than most.

I will listen to more than what your siren says, listening to your heart saying more than I hoped to ever hear…I heard you.

Exposed Loving ๐Ÿ’™, 12.2.18