Going Way Back…

I was remembering an old friend of mine I meant in my early recovery process. I believe I might have been sober for 5 or 6 years at the time. Her name was Kim D.

As I thought about her, I remembered the qualities or characteristics that she had. She was compassionate, giving, a great listener, a calm person, intentional, committed, very smart, full of humility, hopeful and her words carried much weight although she was quiet unless she really knew you well or felt safe with you.

I realized as I reflected on the memories we made together, that she was a significant person in my life. I don’t know where she is now but if I could speak to her I would tell her how her words, her ability to listen and have compassion toward me allowed my true self to emerge.

Thank you Kim D. Wherever you are, I hope you have joy in your life, good health, a smile on your face, love holding you and at some piont you remember our time together. It was real. It was sacred. It was hopeful and helpful. It was special. It was full of grace.

©Exposed Loving

The Journey You Never Planned

Life is very short. I think what we make of life has a lot to do with what we as individuals put into it and it is also about the positive things or the hard knocks that come from circumstances, situations with family, friends, associates or even strangers. You know, the things that happen that you NEVER planned.

Despite all this, we can continue to allow ourselves to be intentionally present to love, living, showing mercy and being peace.

I have been blessed to have been intentionally present for some beautiful, loving, hopful, exciting, dramatic, sweet, humbiling, awesome, spiritual and fun times thus far in my life and I look forward to more. 

Do you?

©Exposed Loving