Complex Does Not Mean Complicated (repost from July)

The information that is true about a woman will surface over a period of time in all of its consistencies and inconsistencies. The problem comes in when I can not wait long enough to discovery the complexities of a woman that I find to be intriguing.


I appreciate a complex woman but complex does not always mean complicated. But there are layers. Thank God for those layers that build complexities within a woman. She is not just pretty. She is not just intelligent. She is not just submissive or a slave. She is not just a painter or artist. She is not just a mother or a sister. She is not just a taxpayer. She is not just the corporate boss. She is not just curvy. She is the good, bad and the ugly of a complex set of layers that have come together woven into a tapestry that makes her the person she is today. Yum

©Exposed Loving

A New Year is Coming

Soon, a new year will come. It can be the beginning of new things or the continuation of the same old things. The choice is left up to us.

If one can not change their circumstances, then one can change their attitude toward them. 

Our choices are no one else’s fault although they may be the result of settling for what was never good for us and was never meant to be.

So what will be your outlook for the new year? How will you or things change? How are you looking forward to living your life in 2017?

Would love to hear your thoughts on the topic or your answers to the questions. 

Peace & Blessing, Exposed Loving


What does the person do who can not cry anymore tears?

What does the person do when family, friends and others have betrayed them?

What does the person do when no one has them as a priority?

What does the person do to deal with pain, sadness, hurt and regrets when they don’t drink, don’t use drugs, are not promiscuous, don’t seek revenge, can’t spend it away or can’t eat it away.

That person just FEELS.

(Thoughts after a conversation with a person who has no more tears to cry