Complex Does Not Mean Complicated (repost from July)

The information that is true about a woman will surface over a period of time in all of its consistencies and inconsistencies. The problem comes in when I can not wait long enough to discovery the complexities of a woman that I find to be intriguing.


I appreciate a complex woman but complex does not always mean complicated. But there are layers. Thank God for those layers that build complexities within a woman. She is not just pretty. She is not just intelligent. She is not just submissive or a slave. She is not just a painter or artist. She is not just a mother or a sister. She is not just a taxpayer. She is not just the corporate boss. She is not just curvy. She is the good, bad and the ugly of a complex set of layers that have come together woven into a tapestry that makes her the person she is today. Yum

©Exposed Loving

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