Exposing Myself

I am a simple but complex woman. I like simple foods, simple pleasures, good conversations that are honest, having peace in my home, having love in my heart, helping others when I can with my gifts and talents, having a minimalist lifestyle and a spiritual life.

I love to laugh, have fun, enjoy music, my solitude, being honorable, writing, exposing the truth, enjoying textures and creating.

I want to love more, welcome others more, touch hearts more, have more wisdom, create more beauty in the world, see more beauty in the world, deepen my spiritual life, encourage the health in myself and in others, bring peace and be peace wherever I go and to learn more about myself and others.

I want what I say to continue to match with the actions that I do.

My hope is that this year, 2017, will bring and display more of these things in my life. I’m excited for what’s next in my life.

May I continue to be blessed to be a blessing to others as I am able.

~Exposed Loving, 1.1.17~

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