Getting Older and Other Stuff

Is their anybody else out there going through or dealing with the process of getting older after 50? I am. Let’s talk.

Girl, sometimes it’s so frustrating (this is my new word for the week so far). I’m not as strong or flexible as I used to be (and for a Dominant, this is very hard to admit and come to terms with). My stamina has changed. I’m not sleeping well so if you see me writing early in the morning let’s chat. 

I’m going through the whole menopause thing. Can someone say enough already! My tolerance for people is still there but quite low. Anyone else feeling this, let’s talk.

Ok, all that said, things change as we get older. If they were the same as we get older that might be a little strange. It’s an adjustment. It’s a gut shot. It’s inevitable for all human beings. 

~Exposed Loving, 1.4.17~

9 thoughts on “Getting Older and Other Stuff

  1. I feel you Ma’am. Like put on the breaks already it isn’t funny anymore. Hehe

    Life just keeps on rolling by. Each stage has had its own challenges. One day I’ll be one of those spunky silly old women who laugh at nasty jokes. That might be fun. ❤️😂

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  2. My next birthday I will see the numbers 6 and 0. Menopause was tough and confusing and painful. But now that I am on the other side of it, I like the way my brain has been rewired and I like the way I am. I never could say that before. I really LIKE me and that has morphed into I really LOVE me. I’m not so keen on aging … I see myself slowing down, my stamina is not what it used to be, my motivation either. I used to have a beautiful waist and I still can say so what? I like me NOW. It gets tougher making the decision OK! today gym! Or, OK! today hike! I’m done looking into the mirror and looking for flaws. I KNOW it aint gonna get better so I’m LOVING me right now. That is all we really do have. Hang in there! You are going through a lot of changes. ❤

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    • Thank you for you comment AmyRose. I appreciate your feedback. Not many women talk about their process of aging. It hit me like a gut shot. But I’m adjusting. Thanks again. Peace and blessings to you and yours for the New Year.

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      • We women need to start talking honestly about things like aging! Tween you and me, it’s still hitting me like a gut shot. It just seems there is something new to adjust to every time I turn around. So if we came out and began to embrace each other we wouldn’t feel so badly or so alone. There you go! (((HUGS))) And many Blessings to you! ❤

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        • I agree! If women would talk together more honestly about aging we could get a sense of what to expect. I just DID NOT know. I heard bits and pieces of this and that here and there but no REAL conversations. Aging is hard to go through alone. I’m learning it’s not over yet. My body is just doing what it is suppose to do…age. I’m glad I came across you. Thank you for being real for real.☺

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          • Anytime! A lot of my sayings I have on my blog are all because I now “hear words” and it is all because my brain is rewired differently. I also had no idea what to expect because no one talked about it. Even reading books on M did not prepare me for the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual changes. No, it’s far from over. We’re both getting better like an expensive bottle of aged wine. 😉

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