Moving On

In my line of work, I have witnessed people rising out of the ashes like a phoenix because they decided they wanted to live a different kind of life.

I have been fortunate to guide and mentor people on their spiritual journeys. These experiences have been rewarding for me in ways I can not put into words. I was and am blessed by these journeys.

At some point my time with these people had to and will come to an end. I accepted this truth at the beginning of my time with them even though I did not know when the end of our time would be.

When I accept the truth of the inevitable, letting go has less pain behind it. I understand as I move on and others move on it opens the door for both of us to experience other opportunities in connecting with new people.

The teacher (spiritual mentor, counselor, etc.) and the student (the person who needs support in the form of spiritual care, counseling, etc.) meet and let go when it is their time; their season.

~Exposed Loving, 1.8.17~

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