A Spiritual Testimony (#1)

A couple of days ago something spiritual happened to me. I considered these happenings as God moments.  These moments are not an unusual occurrence for me.

I had watched a documentary having to do with monks, nuns and monasteries who spoke about various topics having to do with theology and their spiritual life process. Amongst these conversations, they spoke about the Jesus Pray. The prayer goes like this, Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner. The nuns and monks spoke about how important this prayer was to their monastic life. 

As I watched the documentary, I began to say the prayer a few times. Later, I found myself repeating this prayer throughout the day as I remembered it was there for me to use. 

Well, what happened is that it not only brought me peace (which I did not have much of that morning or afternoon) but it also gave me clarity about my writing and direction about the same as well as intentional thoughts about my calling. I felt tremendously happy afterwards and I was excited about what is next for me.

I’m here to say never underestimate the power of prayer. I also suggest that you stay sober/clear so when God moments happen you don’t miss them.

    ©Exposed Loving, 1.11.17

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