The Truth About Lying

29962-dont-lie-to-people-that-trust-you-and-dont-trust-people_380x280_width.png*images from Google images

Is there ever a right time (besides not putting yourself or someone else in danger) to lie? 

Who benefits from lying? Some would say the person lying gets some benefit from it but I believe no one benefits from telling a lie.

The truth hurts sometimes but there are benefits when one tells the truth.

People say there is a difference between white lies and real lies or lies told for the good of the person telling them verses for the good of others. I guess the problem is when a person does not know what’s good for themselves or for any body else.

Are there intentional lies? Are there lies told by mistake? Who lies, a good person or bad person?

Is lying an escape from reality? Is it a way to stop change? Or is lying just a way of avoid the inevitable?

What do you think?

©Exposed Loving, original revised 6.21.16

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