Spiritual Journey #2

In the beginning of my spiritual journey I used prayer to get out of fixes. If I did something wrong or if I was unsure about the outcome of a situation, I prayed.
Often in those prayers, I would bargain with God. If He gave me what I wanted I would give up something or do something in return. Of course when the prayers were answered, I sometimes forgot about what I said I would do. I used this method until I matured spiritually.

Later, my prayer life not only included prayers for myself and family but for others too. I prayed for strangers and co-workers. These prayers took place outside of holidays or special church services.

I prayed for myself and others because by faith I knew prayer worked. Praying worked in a way that surprised me. I realized that when I prayed, I felt better inside. I was calmer. I let go easier. I could sleep better. I could focus better. I had more empathy and consideration for others. Simple put, prayer gave me more peace.

© Exposed Loving, 1.22.17

3 thoughts on “Spiritual Journey #2

    • We are not perfect. Thus, our prayer life will not be perfect. This knowledge will hopefully not keep a person from experiencing the benefits of praying. Spiritual maturity in prayer and other spiritual matters comes over time. We all can look forward to receiving it. Thanks for your comment.

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