Commemorating Black History Month, A Poem

                   Could I ? 

©Exposed Loving, 2.27.17

Could I stand the pain?
Tortured bodies and remains
Of pieces that they could not

Could I take the name
Calling, suggesting not
Much more than a mule
Burdened to carry is their rule.

Could I, skin torn by
Straps of pain released
To appease the onlookers
Gain, could I ever be the same.


An Excerpt from my book “Meeting God and Myself”

That time [getting sober and drug free] was a big deal for me and my spiritual process. I gained insight and wisdom. It was a time in my life when I believe God interceded and offered me some new choices. I had a choice to live or to die. I had a choice to live free or to stay shackled to the drugs/alcohol and the old behavior.  I chose to take His hand and to live, to be free and sober starting at the age of twenty-one years old.

by Exposed Loving (An excerpt from my book “Meeting God and Myself”.