Forgetting…Yah Right!

She forgave the betrayal. She forgave the negativity offered to her by those who would not let her love them. She forgave the lovers who were counterfeit and so shameful that they wounded her already wounded heart.

She forgave the so called ministers and pastors of God who were wrong to push her away from the truth and tried to hinder the love and honor in her heart put there by the God they said they served.

She forgave those who wanted to abuse her body. She forgave those who walked by or gave empty promises while she was homeless, starving and thirsty in 90 degree weather.

She forgave the teachers who wanted to promote their lust and greed instead of honoring her innocence. She forgave the employers who were jealous and insecure because of her knowledge and common sense know how.

She forgave the family that did not teach or show her how to love or to how face life.

The FORGIVING was the easy part for her. The FORGETTING was the hard part that seemed to elude her everyday.

MEMORIES can not be erased or avoided. For her, there was no numbing the pain with alcohol, food, sex, money, drugs or anything else.

Memories still come and go for her without warning.
©Exposed Loving, (revised, originally posted 6.3.2016) 

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