You Have Worth

When I was young I hated bullies. I did not like how some people put down other people who they assumed were beneath them or somehow less then them. This kind of thinking at my young age did not make sense to me and still does not.

I have unfortunately looked into the eyes of many women who have little or no self worth that they put up with men and other women who bully them or take them for granted. When people say I love you by disrespecting others or by not seeing a person’s worth that is NOT real love.

No one can change anyone else. No one should change for someone else. Lasting change can only happen when a person has decided that they want to change for themselves.

That being said, I just want to invite women who have been injured by disrespect and by people putting them down, you don’t have to stay with that person. Realize your own worth, the worth you were born with is real. Be good to yourself today and always.

Life is too short not to experience REAL LOVE.

Exposed Loving, 2.8.17

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