WhY i CrEaTe

Creating is one of the things I enjoy the most. I love to create. I love to have a blank canvas where my creative energy can expose itself to the fullest.

I create when I write poetry stringing words that rhyme or not that produce a visceral or sensual experience for the reader.

I create when I write short stories taking the reader to another place whether they are lost in it or very present to it they get swept away and maintain their intrigue and interest to the end.

I create when I draw whether that be a portrait, landscape, realism or an abstract. I want the people to enjoy what’s before them and perhaps invoking their senses to come alive smelling, tasting, hearing, touching and of course seeing themselves or others in my creation.

I create when I play music. I hit beats and produce sounds that resonate. In collaborating with others, a symphony of melodies and rhythmic sounds wrap around the hearer and engages them lifting their spirit to new heights.

What do you like to create? Where does your artistry show itself? What’s your creative story? Feel free to answer these questions or not. I welcome your comments.

Exposed Loving, 2.20.17

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