My Garden

~by Exposed Loving, 3.18.17~

I looked INSIDE myself and

Found a garden of different

Kinds of flowers, some were in

Bloom and some were not yet


These flowers were watered

By the LOVE I speak and do,

A constant waterfall.

The SUN on high fed me

With the strength to keep

My garden free of weeds.

I pruned back the overgrowth

Making room for the fresh

FRAGRANCE of floral bliss.

My garden grows internally

So externally all can see the

EDEN of my truth.

As the seasons come and go,

I welcome the SPIRITUAL

Resources that sustains

my garden view.

2 thoughts on “My Garden

  1. A glasshouse flower yearns to feel the scorching heat of summer unfiltered by the tent of vitrales.
    The leaves of a plant watered by a plastic sprinkler longs to feel the tears of the skies washing their surface
    The roots of a sheltered pot shrub wiggle their tentacles crying for the touch of mother earth.

    Not yet there…not yet in the garden of my dreams

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