A Dedicated Poem: Healing of Her Heart

The night filled with her

Struggles trying to understand

Eliminating the darkness

That scarred her heart.

It wakes with her and then

Tucks her in again.

The teddy bear does not keep

Her comforted, does not take 

Away the fear that has grown to 

Adult status in what seems a 

Very short time tormenting her Inside


You don’t know if you can reach

Outside of yourself to speak what

Your inside is screaming “ I don’t 

Know who I am” , “I don’t know 

How to stand”. The pain of the 

Hurt speaks.

Does anyone hear her confusion, 

Can someone interpret her 

Silence translating the imprinted

Pain that has stained her open 

Heart creating calloused arteries.

Listen, you will hear her. 

Be still with her and you will feel her. 

Let her tell her story in the way 

She Can with her hand in yours 


Witness who she was, who she 

Is and what the pain of her fear 

Wants to reveal about her future.

Be by her side, hoping, loving and 

Connecting until she can

Recall who she truly is and who

She has always been.

Be there for her between her 

Words as she speaks her healing

Bringing life back into her heart 

Pumping richness, her 

Courage and strength reviving

What she thought was lost.

Be there for her as she walks

Out of the forest into the 

Expansiveness of reality tasting

The sweetness of hope in LOVE 

Once more.

Exposed Loving💙


25 thoughts on “A Dedicated Poem: Healing of Her Heart

  1. Lies piled atop lies. Not for my sake. I know they meant it. They never expected I’d tell anyone. They’re covering their asses. I never want to hear another word.


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