A Must See…


‘Underground’ on the WGN America channel (airs every Wednesday at 10pm with encore presentations following) needs to watched by everyone who’s old enough to understand. Yesterday’s episode was intense, important and relevant to the world today. 

In the episode, Harriet Tubman (her birth name Araminta Ross) played by actress Aisha Hinds tells her story. It’s a must see. Powerful!

It is hard for us today to imagine what slavery was like and what people went through who escaped or who wanted to escape the chains of oppression.   

Is oppression over in this world? NO. Oppression still exist in it’s many forms. How do we combat it? It starts with me and you.

No more putting heads in the sand saying, “Things are better now.” or worse,  “Oppression (slavery) does not exist any longer.”  These statements are full of ignorance and arrogance.

I invite you to see this episode of ‘Underground’, ‘Minty’. It will school you, speak to your conscious and challenge you into action.

Exposed Loving💙, 4.13.17

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