Get help with addiction. A person can be free of addiction if they decide to and they get the proper help they need.

Barbara J Couch

I worked in the addiction field for over 24 years. In those years I learned a lot about people and the many problems they face.

Let me say first that addiction is not a respecter of gender, race, class, sexual orientation, economic status, etc. It effects people of all lifestyles and cultures.

Addiction in all its forms (gambling, alcohol, drugs, etc. (See link from ASAM: can and will kill those who struggle with it emotionally, spiritually and physically. But there is a way out.

I’m going to write something in a few minutes that will probably seem very simplistic because it is very simple. Wait for it…if you don’t pick up the substance or thing you are addicted to eventually with the proper help from a skilled counselor, the thirst and the obsession will leave you. Of course this will ONLY work when the person who…

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