Forgiving Self

I have finally begun to really get something…to really get it down deep. The ‘it’ has to do with forgiving self.

It’s easy to say that ‘I forgive myself’ but for some people this is only an intellectual process. It does not go any deeper. I guess there are even people who forgive themselves very quickly and easily with no thought to what needed to be forgiven in the first place. I don’t think this really works either.

To really look at the situation that happened with clarity and compassion toward self for any mistakes made is important. Making a decision to forgive oneself is the first step of healing oneself emotionally and allowing oneself to move through and live life.

Moving through does not mean that memories won’t return or that feeling about the old situation will cease. Moving on in this instance means while you’re forgiving yourself let the emotions flow. Talk about how you feel with someone you trust. Pray and meditate your way through.

The another important thing is not letting lack of forgiving oneself to keep you stuck in your life emotionally, spiritually or physically.

Living life is what life is about.

Exposed Loving💙, 4.17.17

2 thoughts on “Forgiving Self

  1. Hello,

    great post. Very important thing in life,because we must be careful, not to destroy our future, through the present thinking of the future.

    Thank you


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