Inconvience Store

Mabel tossed and turn in her nightmarish slumber. This was her sleep since the love of her life was gunned down in a suburb where “those things don’t ever happen here”.

Mabel thought her family escaped the misery of oppression behind the white picket fence, two kids and one on the way, a dog and mortgage in suburbia. NOT.

A month ago Mabel and her husband were getting gas at a local convenience store. The store clerk, a man in his forties who was wearing a baseball cap that said, ‘Good Ole Boy’ was new to the area. When Mabel’s husband Teddy walked in the clerk greeted him angrily. Teddy spoke up to the clerk challenging the clerks disrespect. Next Teddy reached for his wallet in his back pocket. Mabel watched him through the store window. The clerk instantly reached under the counter and got his gun. Pointed it at Teddy. Fired and Teddy fell to the floor.

Before Teddy hit the floor Mabel was running from the car. Tears in her eyes, she screamed Teddy’s name over and over again. Before she came to the threshold of the store door, she had already seen Teddy on the floor bleeding. 

Every fear she grew up with in the south rushed forward in her mind. Suddenly the percieved protection of the suburban life could not protect her husband from the injustice and ignorance of others even the clerk at their local suburban convenience store.

Exposed Loving 💙, 5.5.17

*All my short stories are fictional unless otherwise indicated. Images are created by me unless otherwise indicated.

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