If You Can’t Do the Job, Move On.

I’m about say something that I know we all know but because some people and a particular company has gotten on my nerve. I just need to get this out. No matter what people say they can do or who they are, the proof is in their behavior and actions.

A particular company was hired by organization to do some specific cleaning. I checked them out. They had experience but not in what the organization needed. I told this to the organization head directly several times but they did not listen. The company said they could do the job but there was no indication that they could. Even when they came to the organization, they did not have a clue how to clean this particular area. Time and money wasted. You know that saying you get what you paid for…don’t believe it.

If someone or a company says they are an expert, check them out thoroughly. Get references. Check Better Business Bureau, etc.
If they are an expert they should not come to do a job but end up scratching their head and looking completely bewildered. Oh! and fyi, if you know more about the particular tools and specifics of the task than the company coming to do the job that’s a BIG RED FLAG.

Thanks for reading my rant.

Exposed Loving 💙, 5.9.17

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