Is There Such a Thing as a Super Christian?

No one is perfect.

Barbara J Couch

Is there such a thing as a super Christian kind of like superwoman but instead of having super powers the super Christian always acts on situations with wisdom and prayer. They are always compassionate, loving, fruitful, selfless and humble. Is there such a person that is a super Christian…wait for it…NOPE.

When I was very young in my Christian walk I thought it was about being perfectly good and always exhibiting perfect Christian character. What I missed was that there were no perfect Christians. Never will be any. Thank God that pressure is long gone.

We all make mistake whether Christian or not. No one is perfect as a matter of fact, it is in and because of our imperfection that we need and seek to open the door to Jesus Christ. We needed Him and now we who believe have the Holy Spirit to guide us…

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