Four of the Seven

Poem #4

What’s yours is mine
and what’s mine is mine
not because it’s a pretty
rhyme it’s that way all the

Sucking and squeezing
I take everything
for granted as I please

Withdrawal is heavy
but without penalty to

More seems always like
less, always needing the
best solution to my must
have empty distress.

(Which of the seven deadly sins am I?) Exposed Loving 💙,  10.31.17

Three of the Seven

Poem #3

Indulging scraping the bottom of every barrel and licking
the bowl not with fingers
to mouth but like a pig to
a trough, snout first,
I’m all in and when I finish
it begins again.

No matter what I do
I enjoy spending a lot
of time not looking up
but looking down in
a spin devouring
and taking it all in.

Taste is an important
factor but that matter
holds no candle to
having more than enough
of whatever stuff
I have chosen to
fill my emptiness.
Exposed Loving 💙,  10.29.17

(Hey Y’all, still waiting for you to name the seven deadly sins of each the poems in your comments. Thanks)

Two of the Seven

Poem #2

Collecting the dust
of everyday without

Looking forward to
the hours of easy
possibilities of nothing.

But busy when asked
and filling my time with
the natural state of
rest, always making
time to recline just
on time refusing
to bond with the
community of doers.

Exposed Loving💙, 10.28.17

Which of the seven deadly sins is this poem about? 

One of the Seven

This poem (part of a writing challenge) is one of the so called seven deadly sins. Do you know which one the poem is about? 

Exposed Loving 💙 

Poem 1

The noose choked me
way before I knew
it had a name.

Heat effected me
consuming me, taking
the space in my mind
day and night the fight

Under the covers I
would hide my actions
only to have them revealed by
others through my radiant
passion not hidden
in the dark.

The darkness does not hide
my unyielding insatiability,
rude, in this wanton mood
that never