3 thoughts on “Sound of Love

  1. Superb lyrics! I love poetry and write poetry on another blog, but in Romanian. In a sign of gratitude that you have decided to follow my photo blog, i’ll translate one of my poems for you! I hope to be a pleasant surprise !?

    Of Love.. And Spring

    Out of the window soaring high
    Against the noon’s balmy sky,
    Cherry tree snow-covered branches
    Just like your face on my retina blanches.

    The cherry blossoms seem to be
    The days of our wonderful glee,
    The petals as hours
    The pollen drops minutes serene,
    And there are seconds, too, but unseen.

    Gushing from buds, sweet and bare
    You take wing in the air
    On the breeze of my stare;
    You draw sky-scraping rings
    On soft swallow wings,
    To caress wind and calm
    Like my cheek in your palm.

    You ask, through a tarin’s sweet trill,
    Why don’t you come?.. hope you will!..
    The answer.. encrypted will be
    In the colours of flowers, you’ll see,
    Having the force of the grass,
    Inching its way through the ground
    Or through the sidewalk to pass.

    Don’t let yourself be deceived
    By the dust on those blades of grass
    The wind wipes it away in its dance;
    Like this love letter’s envelope, which you tore
    And threw away carelessly,
    In a rush through the lines just to see
    The eyes of the one you adore.

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