About Exposed Loving

Who is Exposed Loving?

She is more than the sum of any one word. She is as unique as all of you reading this intro right now. She has been there. Did a little of this and that. She has lived a life not prescribed by her although her essence has infiltrated whatever her hands have touched.

This is the third revision of this blog made because this is the right time. She is much more than erotica, lesbian, African American, female, writer, poet, teacher, student, lover, Domme, peacemaker and spiritual counselor.

Her flavor is spicy, salty, caramel smooth, sharper than cheddar, wet, thirsty, greedy, hungry, chocolate kissed, tasty swirl, delicious, succulently exquisite and hard to swallow at times.

She is honorable, worthy, hopeful, fresh, honest, real, open, optimistic, a made loner, can be the party, compassionate, has humility, thirst for knowledge, hungers for real talk and believes God is.

Read her blog posts and allow them to reveal parts of her she wants you to digest. The posts from the beginning to the present may not be to your taste but I am sure they will make you think, acknowledge some truths and be full of REAL TALK.

All posts by Exposed Loving are her words and are NOT to be used in whole or in part without her permission. Words or pictures that are not hers are giving props where they are due.

This blog is for adults only. NSFW. Read at the risk of being renewed and moved by her truth telling.

Please, feel free to comment or EMAIL me PRIVATELY if you have any questions or if you want to chat: exposedloving@gmail.com

42 thoughts on “About Exposed Loving

          • Now, Robert you must have been paying attention to what you have read on my blog so far…well done. That song was real talk…I dug it. Thanks for the turn on…Question, are you a professional writer? Have you been published yet? Just curious about your creative side.

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          • Sorry, your question hit me around about bedtime here in England and do I didn’t have chance to answer it. Writing is, so far, a passion rather than a profession (I’m a software engineer by day). I have written a couple of novels and have filled a blog with writing tips but so far I have only published one (children’s) book. I did that just for the experience of how easy it is (and it is). My creative side is rampant and full of joy, force and love for writing.
            How about you? What interest do you have in writing and what have you done about it? How do you express your creative side?


          • I got a poem published a long time ago when I was in grad school but nothing recent. The interest I have in writing varies. I like to write meaningful poetry and erotic poetry too. I have written a few erotic short stories. I recently started working on my first novel. It’s SF lesbian love story. I pick it up and put it down. I like writing essays about current issues or about things having to do with emotion and human condition. As far as what I’m doing about writing, the answer is not enough. I am very creative. I enjoy being creative but I don’t allow myself to be as creative as I am at times. I’m working on that by posting more on my blog. Exploring different kinds of creative writing. I need to think seriously about publishing. Listen, email me back at exposedloving@gmail. It’s better to correspond using email .

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          • You sound like an interesting and creative person. Sometimes, with me, it’s confidence in my writing that lets me down. It’s like, on one level I know that I am good and yet in another level, I need people to validate me. I mean – they do already, but that just feeds my hunger for more. It’s not a healthy dynamic, but I’m working on it. Talk to you soon. Robert.


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