The Hand Written Letter

Over the years times have changed with regards to hand written letters. When I was younger I started using pencil and pen to write letters. As I grew older the types of paper, pens and pencils I would use became important.

When I used pencils I did not once look at the number of lead it was or the brand (today I know how important the number of lead is to my drawing). I just used it. This was not the case for the pen. I began writing using basic ballpoint pens then graduated to using fine point gel pens. But this still was not enough to satiate my need to find the right pen.

I finally found the exquisite pleasure of using a fountain pen. I found so much joy using these (as well as the process of changing the ink and all of its components) that I bought a cobalt blue one and also a silver one. I loved them until I stopped using them. Why I stopped I do not know.

Soon my hand written words turned to being totally digital. Now I use my cell phone or sometimes a laptop to write my correspondences. So much has changed.

The intimacy of the written word was precious to me at one time and still is although I don’t use it. There was so much that was conveyed when I use to hand write letters to friends especially lovers, Remember?

It was also about how hard the pen touched the paper, what kind of paper that was used and underscoring what I thought was important or using some other type of method to express something meaningful on paper.

But I think most of all it was the surprise and mystery of receiving a letter and the intentionality and hopefulness of writing one that captivated me.

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