Dreaming Again

I had a dream this am prior ro 4am. Not sure what it all means. It was a dream that had at least 5 parts to it that I could recall. 

Do you often have dreams? Do you think your dreams are mostly weird, confusing, logical or spiritual? I do have dreams a lot of the time when I sleep. Sometimes I remember bits and pieces at other times I can recall the whole dream. Sometimes, I don’t dream. This happens very rarely. 

I think most of my dreams are spiritual in nature. It’s a way that I believe God speaks to me about different things mostly my spiritual journey or that of someone else. 

I enjoy when I dream. Do you enjoy when you dream?

Exposed Loving 💙, 11.22.17

Dream (Post 3)

I had a car with me although I did not see it. On the way home I had a bicycle wheel in hand that I threw away because I did not need it. In my thoughts in the dream I thought I should not have thrown it away. I went back to get it because it would be noticed that I did not have it.

Later in the dream we were getting ready to go out. I was in my room. I had noticed an older woman….my elder, she had money in her hand and somethings else in the other. She wanted me to do something for her. On the way to my room I heard her say to someone “I need to see her”.
She came to my room and hugged me and I hugged her and kissed her. I woke before she told me what see wanted. 

A Dream: It’s All About Perspective.

A portion of a dream…

A teacher,  middle aged or almost middle aged black woman was in a room with some of her students including me. She asked us, it was about five or six of us, what happened on the test we took. A few answered and a woman then said that she could not sleep last night. That was a normal occurrence for her. Next I was asked. I said, “I was not able to sleep last night”. Then to my surprise the teacher said to me, “You will come work for me in my office”. This made me happy. It seemed like a reward to me despite it being said because I did not do well on the test because I did not sleep.

Exposed Loving 💙

Dreaming: Playing the Drums

*A Portion of a Dream*

I was in a familiar place and there was an old drum set. I found myself over it with two newspapers rolled up using them to hit the drums as if they were my drum sticks.

I notice a couple of people in the distance turned my way. Then I noticed an older man who was about 60 years old or so who was a chef or cook  in this shop where the drums were. He was looking at me play the drums with the newspapers.

As the man watched he said something like, “ There you go. That’s what you should be doing. Keep going.” Then I listened to him and also realized I needed to play the drums and as I set off, I told the older man I would return with my drum sticks and play. I was excited.

*End of this portion of the dream *

Exposed Loving 💙 8.15.17