Love Minus Trust

(Writing Challenge #2, post 7)

It’s possibly one of the toughest moments when the love between two people is challenged because the trust they once shared has run its course. The moment has been realized and the pain is felt and permeates more than flesh, goes to the core. The question presents, How do you pick up and move on staying strong within yourself despite the loss of the one you trusted but not the love they gave?

by E.L.(Exposed Loving)💙, 11.15.17

Why I Choose Love

One of the reasons I chose the name of my blog to be “Exposed Loving” is because I wanted to expose my thoughts, life and feelings as they relate to loving. 

Over the years my definition of love has changed and thus how and when I love has also changed. 

Love is the essence of who I am. Loving is necessary in my life.

Love bridges the gap between people no matter their ethnic background, race, socioeconomic background, religion, etc.

How do you feel about love and loving or what are your thoughts on the topic?

Exposed Loving💙, 9.23.17