Exquisite Creating

Cheeks strain from the smiling that blesses my face and those who see the traces of my happiness smile with me.

My heart melts hearing the sounds of created voices mastering a symphony of melodies, lyrics spring forth mesmerizing the inner positions private to others but known by one’s soul.

Drawing by Exposed Loving

Music played by skilled hands inspire movement, ancient and modernity mix spices mingle and a dish of elaborate physical cuisine is displayed as drums beat, horns sound, strings are plucked and the ivory accompanies the sweet and savory.
Similar blessings flow from the smile of a little one or a newborn, the awakening in them is fresh and deliberate an innocence commanding love.

The Creator has made brilliance brilliantly. Sculptured from His own image made vibrant standing still, quiet, loud, rhythmically coexisting joy is to be had, love is in the making when one stops and notices the wonder around them and in them…explore it.
(Copyright Exposed Lovingđź’™, 1.4.18, revised 5.4.18)