Contagious Artistic Enthusiasm

The empty canvas greets me in the form of a feeling accompanied by questions I ask myself.

The images are not known to me yet I persevere.

The clock ticks and tocks,
a broken silence tells me
time is passing.

The unknown images have
become known to me,
my enthusiasm is marked
by the energy felt in my heart then more images take their shape.

I define the curves,
set the objects in motion,
some without a notion
are placed together
and they connect.

I have already recognized
the beauty that has been created even more so, I am awed by this artistry that has been given to me.

This piece has moved from a feeling to a sketch to questions, images appearing, drawings and I look forward to sharing them these provocative creations hoping my enthusiasm will be contagious.

Originally Posted by Exposed Lovingđź’™ on 11.14.17 (Revised 2.7.18)

Fragrance of Yesterday

I’m surprised how easy it is to remember the embers that burned long after the first kiss and the last one that is now truly missed.

Running my hands over the textures that time has produced longing for the touch that was magical and discerning that was you.

Laughter took us to another level and my breath was taken away several times in the minutes I shared with you on those special days.

Our music played in harmony with our hearts that were the ocean’s waves and on the hottest days an oasis in a deserted world, we ate, drank and danced.

Many flowers have blossomed come in gone in the changing scenery of our lives but the fragrance of yesterday still lingers in the pieces of you that you shared with me.

By Exposed Lovingđź’™, 2.6.18

Sustained Through His Love

Pushing through the bowed strings of memory, experiences and today’s hurdles does not release her to go forward.

The sharp arrows pressing against the strings have fired at the heart of her, piercing the flesh that was once resilient.

The tears once wet streaming down her face are now dry but the marks of what was and sometimes still is are buried in the stench of creviced scars.

In this reality she gets strength from seeing what’s not there but yet still is, she believes the Creators plan clinging on to what’s been promised and the love she can not deny that is real.

Has she been prepared for this time, every experience and hurdle bringing her to an understanding that she will never understand but now accepts believing there was and is a Godly purpose that will be known if not here there in the place where joy, peace and love reign.

Exposed Lovingđź’™, 2.6.18