Being Awake

It’s not easy living in a world where most commercial things and even some close people in your life want you to be asleep. The norm is to drink it away. Sex it away. Use money to take it away. Use people to take it away. Drug it away. Eat it away.

What is the “it”? REALITY. It’s not easy to live in REALITY while being awake.

Where are you living?

Exposed Lovingđź’™ 6.21.17

*image from Tumblr.

Creative Moments

My creativity varies sometimes from moment to moment or week to week. Although I try not to stifle my creativity because it brings me great joy and peace, sometimes I think about it way too much or I find myself forgetting to indulge in what makes me happy. I’m sure some of you here in WordPress land can identify.

Today I’m writing a little poetry, writing about what’s on my mind and drawing a bit. Yay me!

Are you being creative today or denying yourself creative happiness?


Exposed Lovingđź’™