What or Who Inspires You?

This is the question of the day. So many things and people inspire me. I have many muses.

What or who inspires me……….

God, spirituality, romance, connections, conversations with strangers, pecan pie, a good mystery, broccoli, an exquisitely elegant woman, the underwater world, blueberry, loving, good attention, nature, the ocean, textures, sounds, poets, writers, cobalt blue, poetry, creating, an exceptional movie, drawing, cranberries, music, intimacy, etc..

Now it’s your turn…what or who inspires you?

Where My Family At?

Over the last few years I have been looking into my family genealogy. As you my know for African American families a lot of our family history has been lost or not written (and in some cases not told). Prior to 1870’s, the slave census only gave the slave owners name and whether or not they had a male or female slave and their approximate age. This made finding my family roots difficult.

However, I found a lot more than I thought I would but not enough to get all my questions answered. Of course my family secrets did not make my search any easier but I will keep putting the pieces together bit by bit.

Have you been through this process of discovering your family roots?

Exposed Loving đź’™

Who or What Do You Believe In?

This may look like a weird question. I think it is a question that provokes conversation with others and more importantly a conversation with self. Who or what do I believe in? What makes you know you believe in this or that or Him or her? When did your belief start? What changed your beliefs? 
Your comments are welcome.

Exposed Loving đź’™,  9.18.17