Created Moments

(A Short Story)

The business meeting ended and papers were shoved back into brief cases and coffee cups hit the wooden table as people finished their last drops. She was there dressed in white and every curve saying hello to every eye.

Everyone had gathered up their items and was walking out the door. She was last to leave besides me. I was standing at the door. As she walked toward me to go out the door I took her wrist into my hand and I looked deeply into her eyes as I guided her away from the threshold. She followed and I closed the door.

Finally it was me and her, a locked door closed against any distractions. We sat opposite each other and I talked to her and she smiled at me. My words went past her ears and wrapped around her heart.

The eyes don’t lie. Her eyes said it all and even much more. That was the beginning of many more occasions where we would stay back when the others had left. Those created moments made us happy and gave us respite from the world beyond the door.

by Exposed Loving💙, 11.18.17

Over Coffee

That Saturday twenty-seven year old Tres went to corner coffee shop to read and scan social media. She sat in a corner booth next to a window where the rays of the sun caressed her curly kinky hair. She wore a soft sweater with jeans. Her short leather jacket hugged her waist as she sat typing and sipping coffee.

The owner of the coffee shop, fifty-three year old Rene had noticed Tres since the first time she entered the coffee shop. It was hard to catch Rene’s attention but Tres did it with ease. Rene watched waiting for her cup to need more of the dark moroccan coffee she liked.

The coffee poured once more, Rene decided to make sure her presence was known and introduced herself to Tres. They chatted for a bit and then Rene went back to the counter but her heart and mind never left the table. She wonder did she have any impact on Tres who she thought was exquisite.

Would more than their twenty year difference leave Tres to disregard the attention Rene was giving her. Would Tres welcome her affection.

Before leaving the coffee shop Tres wrote a brief note to Rene. The note read, “I see you looking. I like the way you look at me. Let’s talk about what we can do to get to know each other better.” Tres walked up to the counter and place her cup there with a smile. The note was left under the coffee cup with Rene’s name on it.

Rene said a warm “See you next time” and then proceeded to take the cup she left and then she saw the note. A smile came across Rene’s face as she read the note. Intrigued and excited, she looked forward to the next time she would encounter Tres, she knew it would be the upcoming Monday when the sun rays would touch Tres’ curly kinky hair as it caressed her face through the the window of the coffee shop. Rene would be there her heart beating a little faster and her desire taking a backseat to getting to know Tres better.

Exposed Loving💙, 11.17.17

Being Love & Bringing Love

She sat in the big brown recliner in her dimly lit apartment asking herself questions. Wondering what happened. Why she found herself alone. There was no easy answer. There was no understanding it. She had been asking the same questions for years.

She had it all, a great apartment, money in her pocket, wonderful personality and still there she was by herself. Why? It’s not like she did not have opportunities to get married. She had plenty of dates and attractions but nothing ever panned out and if it did it ended in lies, betrayal even cheating on their part.

As she sat on that comfortable chair being very uncomfortable she did not understand her situation but she began to accept where things were in her life. To continue to struggle against the evidence only caused heartache. Perhaps the love she had was not for a particular person but it was for many people in a bigger broader way.

How does one accept that opportunity to really be about loving the ones you’re with at any given time? How does one love that perfectly? The more she looked at her dilemma as an opportunity to do and be about her spiritual calling, a calmness took over. She exhaled for the first time deeply letting go of the why and how come. She settled into this is what she now knew about herself. This, loving others was the answer. That somehow fit.

At least for now she could walk out this part of her destiny calmer, having acceptance, at peace, being love and bringing love to the world around her. Imperfect as she knew she was she also knew that kind of perfect love could only be given to her from a Higher Source, God. It could not come from any other place.

Exposed Loving 💙, 5.6.17

The Fragrance of Their Last Spring

Out the window she stared for what seemed to be more than a few hours. Her eyes were fixed on a location she was not looking at but she was intently focused just the same.

Memories danced around in her head of two childhood friends no cares in the world, everything to look forward to and fears about the unknown boogeyman man under the bed. The memories flooded her internal vision; movies of real time events played.

They had played in the garden even as two adults she remembered having fun on a particular spring day. The smell of blossoms and the earth replenishing itself. She stared on.

Later that day they sat in a coffee shop. Others were present but they were in their own world making plans for tomorrow. They would be a shared future for them.

She remembered Alyssa. Time, distance, death, the bigotry of others and the prejudice of her family could never erase the love that had pierced her heart many years ago when some told them they were too young to have experienced, never mind having had any real knowledge of love.

On occasion she finds herself back at that same window intently staring at a fixed location, eyes wide open with her heart recalling the fragrance of that last spring.

Exposed Loving 💙, 5.4.17