A Poetic Musing (3)

Well done.

Barbara J Couch

You Did It First
written by Barbara J. Couch, MDiv.

My eyes are open,
awake I am, fully
prepared for this days

I trust You, rely on You to be
You in the life I have been given
by You, rich in faith, strength connected to joy and a heart led to serve.

I emerge from the mental bondage of selfishness, released to answer the call that is no small endeavor.

I rise, I look to You, embracing every gift of the Spirit given and driven to tend to Your sheep.

To green pastures we go, not letting any rocks, pebbles bring us to the slow. Our hearts connected, we walk the earth setting the captives free just as You first did in me.

Thank you LORD.

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A Poetic Musing(2)…


Barbara J Couch

If LOVE Is...
by Barbara J. Couch, MDiv.

If LOVE is an object should it not be cherished held in one’s hand gently, valued more than money, pride, envy or lust entrusted by the heart to the heart it has embraced.

If LOVE is precious it is meant to be adored and respected never put down and never compromised by lies.

If LOVE is given by GOD one honors His gift and responds to it without questioning the validity of its value.

If LOVE is never lost, it never has to be found. LOVE happens in the time and place of its bloom never to be forced before its’ season.

If LOVE could be bought there would never be enough green, gold or silver to purchase it. LOVE is NOT for sale.

LOVE is and will always be the universal bridge to peace and harmony.

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A Poetic Musing

Beautifully written…

Barbara J Couch

Stillnesswritten by
Barbara J. Couch, MDiv.

Stillness in the quiet
Brings complete connection
With the inanimate and

Peace lives in the stillness,
Thoughts come and go.
Tranquility has encompassed
All that I am, not thinking
About what was or what shall be.

No chaos. No hussle or bussle.
Just the quiet noise hums
Not numbing but setting a
Melody of song heard
Only in the stillness of

I listen. I comprehend. I exist
In this cocoon ready made
At 2:36 am. I float in the
Ooze of this exquisite silence
My heart in rhythmic balance

I cherish this oasis and the
Bounty it brings.
I settle into its inviting arms
To rest all of me waiting for
nothing, having everything
I am at home in this grace
A space of tranquility and quiet

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