Old Fashioned Wooing Indeed

In some ways I am old fashioned desiring to court the person of my dreams but it would seem they do not know it. I write poetry to adorn them with my words and see them fly high like a bird but only if my words could show them my heart where it starts and … Continue reading

Dreaming: Playing the Drums

*A Portion of a Dream* I was in a familiar place and there was an old drum set. I found myself over it with two newspapers rolled up using them to hit the drums as if they were my drum sticks. I notice a couple of people in the distance turned my way. Then I … Continue reading

Sensuality of the Senses

What if a person treated touch as a precious action only to be indulged when the language of “in love” is spoken, heard and received. What if looking into someone’s eyes past the point of a friendly gesture would be allowed only to get the attention of someone you want to know much deeper than … Continue reading

A Fortuitous Meeting (Part 3)

A Fortuitous Meeting (Part 2) PART 3, Conclusion  I refuse to be a refuge of ill will spreading anger and a dangerous attitude toward those around me. I choose to be an ambassador of something real and true – LOVE. Looking above situations and the human capacity to hurt one another without cause, I refuse … Continue reading