Sensuality of the Senses

What if a person treated touch as a precious action only to be indulged when the language of “in love” is spoken, heard and received.

What if looking into someone’s eyes past the point of a friendly gesture would be allowed only to get the attention of someone you want to know much deeper than surface, much longer than a lifetime.

What if tasting was seen as a sacred feast only to be had with the one who has captured your heart for eternity.

What if hearing the voice of the one you love was like a serenade, an offering given to you reminding you of a warm summer night experiencing the cool sprinkling of a beautiful fountain.

What if the fragrance of someone caught your attention devastating your senses with the fresh scent of baked cookies,

bacon, grits and eggs cooked to perfection; they smell like home.

Why not save the sensuality of the senses for the one who knows more about you than those who were the closest to you, that person makes you smile from your eyes to your cheeks and holds you through every hard time and every exuberant celebration.

Exposed Loving 💙 8.7.17

Missing the “It”

Today I find myself in a space that I don’t usually talk about. I find myself missing the touch and connection of a special woman. I have not talked to her or seen her yet.

I find myself missing the dynamic mixture of my Dominant energy with a submissive woman’s energy. There is nothing like that erotic sensual dance. I have not had that in a while.

I’m not sure if I will ever meet this unknown special submissive woman but I think of her from time to time wondering who she might be and what our time would be like.

The unknown can be wonderful.
~EL~, 2.25.17

(Images from Tumblr)

Reflective Thought

It’s interesting how two people who have an intimate connection can think differently about a particular food, color, instrumental piece of music or event.

Initially, I like to have the same insight or thoughts about a particular thing of interest with someone special. It throws me off initially when we don’t see eye to eye.

When the initial shock of having a totally different perspective, thought or taste is over, I can ultimately respect the other persons perspective and keep my own without it disturbing our intimacy.