Exceptional People

There are some people, women and men who are working and volunteering to keep people safe. They live by codes of honor, ethics and service.

These firemen, law enforcement officers, emergency rescue workers, etc. are some exceptional people who put their lives on the line to save others everyday.

I just wanted to say thank you and God bless you.

Exposed Loving 💙, 2.9.18

I Believe…

In the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

In small gestures that convey love.

In healing.

In miracles.

In forgiving self and others.

In romance.

In love.

In real talk.

In truth telling.

In honoring others.

In loyalty.

In creating creatively.

In saying intentional words.

In prayer.

In redemption.

What do you believe in?

Exposed Loving 💙, 1.30.18

by Divine Purpose

(Writing Challenge #2, post 2)

The struggle around doing good or evil has been real but most have learned to deal with life using a general moral compass. But there are those who are also challenged to live a holy life, set apart not by choice but by Divine purpose. This holy life is a gift to be cherished and honored knowing that it is NOT without trials and tribulations.

By Exposed Loving 💙, 11.4.17