by Divine Purpose

(Writing Challenge #2, post 2)

The struggle around doing good or evil has been real but most have learned to deal with life using a general moral compass. But there are those who are also challenged to live a holy life, set apart not by choice but by Divine purpose. This holy life is a gift to be cherished and honored knowing that it is NOT without trials and tribulations.

By Exposed Loving 💙, 11.4.17

The Unforgettable Romance in LOVE

I like a good old fashion love story. One set in period of many yester years gone by where two people are faithful to love, to each other and they honor the mystery of their courting.

Do relationships like this still exist in the world? I hope so. I hope all get to experience the exquisite beauty of love in its most uncomplicated, splendid and mysterious form.

Exposed Loving 💙,  7.12.17

I Choose…

I choose.

I choose to make manifestthat which I don’t see very often…LOVE.

I choose to have values based upon a foundation built upon spiritual principles going deeper than material or temporal things.

I choose to forfeit the shackles of yesterday and welcome the freedom of


I choose to honor myself and those who came before me who paved the way.

I choose to be courageous in the face of adversity and rise above and go beyond where others presume I am limited.

I choose to forgive, show mercy, bring peace and to receive the grace to do so


I choose.

~Exposed Loving, 3.17.17~