Coincidence? NOT!

(Writing Challenge #2, post 5)

The young woman, in a first time meeting shared about the blessings of her husband and beautiful children. Food purchased with money an unexpected overflow blessed the receiver. Help was offered and received in an act of generosity for all to see hoping it would be imitated for all to see again.

Exposed Loving 💙,  11.8.17

Through the Lens of Time

(Writing Challenge #2, post 4)

Some elders have shared the ins and outs of aging with family and friends but there are some who have not disclosed their discomfort, joy, blessings or loneliness. Reaching a time in one’s life where it seem like an ending can actually be a beginning of a new wind blowing blessings. Honoring the experience and knowledge of the elderly could be the difference between repeating the same mistakes and beginning again with a fresh wind of blessings.
Exposed Loving 💙,  11.6.17

by Divine Purpose

(Writing Challenge #2, post 2)

The struggle around doing good or evil has been real but most have learned to deal with life using a general moral compass. But there are those who are also challenged to live a holy life, set apart not by choice but by Divine purpose. This holy life is a gift to be cherished and honored knowing that it is NOT without trials and tribulations.

By Exposed Loving 💙, 11.4.17