It Has Not Been Easy

I wanted to say a few words to someone who might need to read them. It has not been an easy life being an African American woman who happens to be a lesbian and a Christian. No one told me it would be easy. Life presents struggle to everyone at some piont.

At my age one often looks back over the years that have passed and I reminisce about my young life as a lesbian and my life now. There is a big difference between the two time periods. With time and age maturity does happen. Looking back I would change some things and other things I would do them again the same way.

I guess what I really wanted to do is to invite whoever needs to read this to just be yourself and don’t settle for less or for someone who thinks you deserve less than the best. Life is really too short to miss out on good times and real times. Be responsible to yourself and those who you love.

Real talk.

Exposed Lovingđź’™