Poem: My Spirituality Informs

My sexuality is informed by my spirituality causing me to soar not be weighted down or frowned.

I am inspired by this freedom, revolutionary, provoked without war.

My senses don’t claim my soul, but faith rules in my heart started by the love that does not depart.

This is not an either or but a both and beginning with a priority that transcends.

Some may think I’m giving up to have but I am having so I can give and live in the abundance of truth not watered down by the emotions gathered by empty feeling.

I am in love with my Lord above, walking the line knowing that I am loved not shielding myself from His love.

Grace falls on me, it’s freedom liberates me and I am changed forever more believing before feeling I’m sustained, reborn and never torn but healed serving others rather than myself.

© Exposed Loving💙, 2017

Missing Ya’ll

Sitting back after a late breakfast and early lunch, I paused and felt something I had not felt for some time. I was missing some people. Some who have passed on, moved away or for some reason we had lost contact. I miss them today and I’m grateful for the time our lives crossed each other’s path. Those days were days of fun, joy, beauty, spiritual expriences, tears, hopes and a lot of love.

Love those you are with because they might not be there tomorrow. 

Exposed Loving 💙,  11.23.17

Created to Create

I have been created and God has created within me.

I’ve been created to see the beauty in and around me.

I’ve been created to give love and recieve love.

I’ve been created to created from nothing.

I’ve been created to worship God and to commune with Him in the morning, afternoon and evening.

I celebrate creating and the creation the is His.

EL💙, 11.12.17