Love Minus Trust

(Writing Challenge #2, post 7)

It’s possibly one of the toughest moments when the love between two people is challenged because the trust they once shared has run its course. The moment has been realized and the pain is felt and permeates more than flesh, goes to the core. The question presents, How do you pick up and move on staying strong within yourself despite the loss of the one you trusted but not the love they gave?

by E.L.(Exposed Loving)💙, 11.15.17

Contagious Artistic Joy

The drawing greet me in the form
of a sketch.

The images are not known to me
yet I persevere.

The clock ticks and tocks,
a broken silence tells me
time is passing.

The unknown images have
become known to me,
my enthusiasm is marked
by my heartbeat of joy and
more images take
their shape.

I define the curves,
set the objects in motion,
some without a notion
are placed together
and they connect.

I have already recognized
the beauty that has been created
even more I am awed by
this artistry that has been
given to me.

This piece has moved from a sketch
to a drawing and I look forward
to sharing this creation hoping
my joy will be contagious.

E.L. 💙, 11.14.17

Created to Create

I have been created and God has created within me.

I’ve been created to see the beauty in and around me.

I’ve been created to give love and recieve love.

I’ve been created to created from nothing.

I’ve been created to worship God and to commune with Him in the morning, afternoon and evening.

I celebrate creating and the creation the is His.

EL💙, 11.12.17