A Fortuitous Meeting (Part 3)

A Fortuitous Meeting (Part 2)

PART 3, Conclusion 

I refuse to be a refuge of ill will

spreading anger and a dangerous

attitude toward those around me. I

choose to be an ambassador of

something real and true – LOVE.

Looking above situations and the

human capacity to hurt one another

without cause, I refuse to give up

on the possibility of real

conversations, authenticity and love.

These fortuitous rendezvous that Love

has blessed will take place, they have tojust as I must breathe to stay alive.

The meetings have all been for a

reason. I will not allow them to

pass by even if my heart has

been wounded by someone I

thought I knew.

Exposed Loving 💙,  8.5.17 

A Fortuitous Meeting (Part 2)

A Fortuitous Meeting (Part 1)

Part 2

You, the few that knew, captivated

my senses enough that I began to

hope in humanity once again.

You see, in the times in between, my

heart had been broken; betrayal

happened much too often and I spent

too much time building walls that I

was not made to keep up.

These fortuitous meetings happened

and open me up to the certainty that

the Holy One is present looking out

for me so I don’t become another

casualty locked into a mindset that

asks questions like why and how come

but no one knows the answers so the

questions linger.

(To be continued)

Exposed Loving 💙, 8.4.17

Living in Peace

Having peace in my life is very important to me. I’ve never been one to be about drama (neither creating it or being a part of it). Drama will always cause problems and chaos. 

I keep myself anchored spiritually and I welcome people in my life who are about living spiritually, who are about loving, peace, showing compassion, showing mercy, having real talk conversations and that are not pointing their fingers or looking down their nose being judgemental about someone.

In my imperfection, I strive to bring forth in my attitude and behavior what I want to come back to me.  

Question for Reflection

Are you living a peaceful life or are you living a drama filled life?

♡Exposed Loving♡

I Choose…

I choose.

I choose to make manifestthat which I don’t see very often…LOVE.

I choose to have values based upon a foundation built upon spiritual principles going deeper than material or temporal things.

I choose to forfeit the shackles of yesterday and welcome the freedom of


I choose to honor myself and those who came before me who paved the way.

I choose to be courageous in the face of adversity and rise above and go beyond where others presume I am limited.

I choose to forgive, show mercy, bring peace and to receive the grace to do so


I choose.

~Exposed Loving, 3.17.17~