Fragrance of Yesterday

I’m surprised how easy it is to remember the embers that burned long after the first kiss and the last one that is now truly missed.

Running my hands over the textures that time has produced longing for the touch that was magical and discerning that was you.

Laughter took us to another level and my breath was taken away several times in the minutes I shared with you on those special days.

Our music played in harmony with our hearts that were the ocean’s waves and on the hottest days an oasis in a deserted world, we ate, drank and danced.

Many flowers have blossomed come in gone in the changing scenery of our lives but the fragrance of yesterday still lingers in the pieces of you that you shared with me.

By Exposed Lovingđź’™, 2.6.18

Our Oasis 

The passing of time and the silence felt desolved quickly when I heard your voice. 

What we share is beyond human configurations and is as seamless as the rising and setting of the sun.

We have an oasis in each other.

Exposed Loving đź’™, 10.7.17