The Earth Will Continue to Turn

The Earth Will Continue to Turn  Exposed Loving 💙, 6.4.17
The wind blows and the leaves swirl going this way and that way.

The heart hurts and tears must come to try to heal its injuries.

The rain comes to feed the plants and flowers elsewhere there is draught.

Couple come together in love, move apart out of love and some never know this kind of love but love continues nevertheless.

Some are called to solitude, others to families and still some are orphaned only to ever know the care of strangers who never take them to a home.

The weather changes seasons, time continues, the wind blows, tears will fall, both rain and draught will come, love will be and some will live without it

but the earth will continue to turn.

The Fragrance of Their Last Spring

Out the window she stared for what seemed to be more than a few hours. Her eyes were fixed on a location she was not looking at but she was intently focused just the same.

Memories danced around in her head of two childhood friends no cares in the world, everything to look forward to and fears about the unknown boogeyman man under the bed. The memories flooded her internal vision; movies of real time events played.

They had played in the garden even as two adults she remembered having fun on a particular spring day. The smell of blossoms and the earth replenishing itself. She stared on.

Later that day they sat in a coffee shop. Others were present but they were in their own world making plans for tomorrow. They would be a shared future for them.

She remembered Alyssa. Time, distance, death, the bigotry of others and the prejudice of her family could never erase the love that had pierced her heart many years ago when some told them they were too young to have experienced, never mind having had any real knowledge of love.

On occasion she finds herself back at that same window intently staring at a fixed location, eyes wide open with her heart recalling the fragrance of that last spring.

Exposed Loving 💙, 5.4.17