Short Story: “After Thirteen Years”

This was the second time Suzanne’s heart was beating fast just like it had when they first met. That afternoon was ordinary but rich with possibilities. As Denise walked by, her tethered sweater wrapped around her waist gently touched Suzanne’s arm. But it was not the touch that caused her to look up, it was Denise’s scent that touched her senses indescribably.

The combination of sweet and spicy sprinkled in patchouli sent a heat rushing through her body. It was an uncommon experience for her just like their romance in the years to come would be. But this afternoon as she sat alone in a dimmed room of the apartment they shared that became their home, Suzanne had thoughts that raged within her, a tortured conflict of “I should leave her but I can not see my life without her” lingered. Suzanne’s mind swirled and ached provoking sadness because the only real possibility was having to let Denise go after 13 years.

Suzanne recalled finding the letters that were written to Denise from another woman. Denise was sentimental about certain things like important letters and gifts. She hung onto them forever. The letters were full of graphic passion and words of love that they had shared and hoped to share again. The letters went back five years and were never sent to their home but delivered at Denise’s work address. Even worse was the letter that Suzanne found that Denise had written to her lover but had not yet mailed. That letter was the dagger that cut Suzanne’s flesh deep piercing her heart written 28 hours ago.

© Exposed Loving, 6.14.18

An Invitation

I hope this day finds you all in good health and good spirit. Sometimes I have thoughts in the form of invitations I want to share with all who would read and listen.

Today, I invite you to love and enjoy living. How does one do this? Let love in its many forms infect every relationship you are involved in no matter how brief or long.

I invite you to enjoy the simple things and the complicated things of life. Expose yourself to new adventures and travels. Enjoy what makes you happy and if you don’t know what that something is search it out.

Most of all enjoy your process and the journey that is before you every second, minute and hour.

Be well, blessings & Peace to you all.

Exposed Lovingđź’™, 4.29.18