The Unforgettable Romance in LOVE

I like a good old fashion love story. One set in period of many yester years gone by where two people are faithful to love, to each other and they honor the mystery of their courting.

Do relationships like this still exist in the world? I hope so. I hope all get to experience the exquisite beauty of love in its most uncomplicated, splendid and mysterious form.

Exposed Loving 💙,  7.12.17

Love Stories

I’m a romantic at heart. I like a good love story. Four examples of my favorite movies are Big Eden (2000), Pride & Prejudice (2005), Mahogany (1975) and The Way We Were (1973). I could watch these movies over and over again…I have watched them over and over again. 

What are your favorite love stories in terms of movies (you can include books too)? Perhaps you will suggest a good love story I have not seen or read.

Exposed Loving❤