Satiating Hunger With Freedom

It’s something to know that at times when I feel the pangs of hunger it’s almost always nothing to do with food but everything to do with desiring to be filled with the wrong thing which is never adequate enough to satiate the hunger. 

In my estimation, only God can fill the emptiness brought on by hunger having nothing to do with food.

Something to think about, right?

Exposed Loving 💙,  7.12.17

Letting GO

Letting go is a much more intentional step then moving on. Moving on could imply that the moving on was not by choice. Letting go could imply the same but somehow it seems to me that letting go is an action that one takes because they have reached or made a decision for themselves.

Possibly heart ache, wisdom, self-esteem or courage was the motivator to the letting go. Whatever the motivator, the letting go of someone or something is an intentional action.

Letting go makes room for what or who is next in their lives even if what or who is next is not what one wished.

Exposed Loving 💙


Standing Still

Standing still (which by the way is an intentional action) can be the hardest thing we can do at times. It takes courage to stand still and not react. It takes patience to wait for wisdom to come.

But in standing still, we get to be one with our ANCHOR feeling the love, compassion, mercy and grace that is in the SEASON we are experiencing while standing still.

Exposed Loving❤