Who or What Do You Believe In?

This may look like a weird question. I think it is a question that provokes conversation with others and more importantly a conversation with self. Who or what do I believe in? What makes you know you believe in this or that or Him or her? When did your belief start? What changed your beliefs? 
Your comments are welcome.

Exposed Loving 💙,  9.18.17

A Dream: It’s All About Perspective.

A portion of a dream…

A teacher,  middle aged or almost middle aged black woman was in a room with some of her students including me. She asked us, it was about five or six of us, what happened on the test we took. A few answered and a woman then said that she could not sleep last night. That was a normal occurrence for her. Next I was asked. I said, “I was not able to sleep last night”. Then to my surprise the teacher said to me, “You will come work for me in my office”. This made me happy. It seemed like a reward to me despite it being said because I did not do well on the test because I did not sleep.

Exposed Loving 💙

A Fortuitous Meeting (Part 3)

A Fortuitous Meeting (Part 2)

PART 3, Conclusion 

I refuse to be a refuge of ill will

spreading anger and a dangerous

attitude toward those around me. I

choose to be an ambassador of

something real and true – LOVE.

Looking above situations and the

human capacity to hurt one another

without cause, I refuse to give up

on the possibility of real

conversations, authenticity and love.

These fortuitous rendezvous that Love

has blessed will take place, they have tojust as I must breathe to stay alive.

The meetings have all been for a

reason. I will not allow them to

pass by even if my heart has

been wounded by someone I

thought I knew.

Exposed Loving 💙,  8.5.17