Poem: The Woes of Things Undone

My heart bursts with each wave of emotion lived in the not living given what I have left undone.
Choices escaping my grasp as I walk past what could have been but was not back then.

The pain of leaving things undone will alway come sometimes unannounced wishful thinking in every ounce.

More memories created, desires never satiated, hope slowly faded but still living despite what’s been stated.

Exposed Loving 💙, 8.22.17

Sensuality of the Senses

What if a person treated touch as a precious action only to be indulged when the language of “in love” is spoken, heard and received.

What if looking into someone’s eyes past the point of a friendly gesture would be allowed only to get the attention of someone you want to know much deeper than surface, much longer than a lifetime.

What if tasting was seen as a sacred feast only to be had with the one who has captured your heart for eternity.

What if hearing the voice of the one you love was like a serenade, an offering given to you reminding you of a warm summer night experiencing the cool sprinkling of a beautiful fountain.

What if the fragrance of someone caught your attention devastating your senses with the fresh scent of baked cookies,

bacon, grits and eggs cooked to perfection; they smell like home.

Why not save the sensuality of the senses for the one who knows more about you than those who were the closest to you, that person makes you smile from your eyes to your cheeks and holds you through every hard time and every exuberant celebration.

Exposed Loving 💙 8.7.17

A Dedicated Poem: Healing of Her Heart

The night filled with her

Struggles trying to understand

Eliminating the darkness

That scarred her heart.

It wakes with her and then

Tucks her in again.

The teddy bear does not keep

Her comforted, does not take 

Away the fear that has grown to 

Adult status in what seems a 

Very short time tormenting her Inside


You don’t know if you can reach

Outside of yourself to speak what

Your inside is screaming “ I don’t 

Know who I am” , “I don’t know 

How to stand”. The pain of the 

Hurt speaks.

Does anyone hear her confusion, 

Can someone interpret her 

Silence translating the imprinted

Pain that has stained her open 

Heart creating calloused arteries.

Listen, you will hear her. 

Be still with her and you will feel her. 

Let her tell her story in the way 

She Can with her hand in yours 


Witness who she was, who she 

Is and what the pain of her fear 

Wants to reveal about her future.

Be by her side, hoping, loving and 

Connecting until she can

Recall who she truly is and who

She has always been.

Be there for her between her 

Words as she speaks her healing

Bringing life back into her heart 

Pumping richness, her 

Courage and strength reviving

What she thought was lost.

Be there for her as she walks

Out of the forest into the 

Expansiveness of reality tasting

The sweetness of hope in LOVE 

Once more.

Exposed Loving💙


Letting GO

Letting go is a much more intentional step then moving on. Moving on could imply that the moving on was not by choice. Letting go could imply the same but somehow it seems to me that letting go is an action that one takes because they have reached or made a decision for themselves.

Possibly heart ache, wisdom, self-esteem or courage was the motivator to the letting go. Whatever the motivator, the letting go of someone or something is an intentional action.

Letting go makes room for what or who is next in their lives even if what or who is next is not what one wished.

Exposed Loving 💙