A Fortuitous Meeting (Part 2)

A Fortuitous Meeting (Part 1)

Part 2

You, the few that knew, captivated

my senses enough that I began to

hope in humanity once again.

You see, in the times in between, my

heart had been broken; betrayal

happened much too often and I spent

too much time building walls that I

was not made to keep up.

These fortuitous meetings happened

and open me up to the certainty that

the Holy One is present looking out

for me so I don’t become another

casualty locked into a mindset that

asks questions like why and how come

but no one knows the answers so the

questions linger.

(To be continued)

Exposed Loving đź’™, 8.4.17

The Journey You Never Planned

Life is very short. I think what we make of life has a lot to do with what we as individuals put into it and it is also about the positive things or the hard knocks that come from circumstances, situations with family, friends, associates or even strangers. You know, the things that happen that you NEVER planned.

Despite all this, we can continue to allow ourselves to be intentionally present to love, living, showing mercy and being peace.

I have been blessed to have been intentionally present for some beautiful, loving, hopful, exciting, dramatic, sweet, humbiling, awesome, spiritual and fun times thus far in my life and I look forward to more.

Do you?

Exposed Loving, (Originally posted on 5.2.16)