Created to Create

I have been created and God has created within me.

I’ve been created to see the beauty in and around me.

I’ve been created to give love and recieve love.

I’ve been created to created from nothing.

I’ve been created to worship God and to commune with Him in the morning, afternoon and evening.

I celebrate creating and the creation the is His.

EL💙, 11.12.17

Coincidence? NOT!

(Writing Challenge #2, post 5)

The young woman, in a first time meeting shared about the blessings of her husband and beautiful children. Food purchased with money an unexpected overflow blessed the receiver. Help was offered and received in an act of generosity for all to see hoping it would be imitated for all to see again.

Exposed Loving 💙,  11.8.17

Those Idle Thoughts

(Writing Challenge #2, post 3)

The mind’s ability is wasted by the idle thoughts that bear no fruit. Thoughts that keep people awake at night about things they could have changed during the day. These thoughts have no benefit just like rocking in a rocking chair that is going nowhere.

Exposed Loving 💙,  12.5.17

Why I Choose Love

One of the reasons I chose the name of my blog to be “Exposed Loving” is because I wanted to expose my thoughts, life and feelings as they relate to loving. 

Over the years my definition of love has changed and thus how and when I love has also changed. 

Love is the essence of who I am. Loving is necessary in my life.

Love bridges the gap between people no matter their ethnic background, race, socioeconomic background, religion, etc.

How do you feel about love and loving or what are your thoughts on the topic?

Exposed Loving💙, 9.23.17