Poem: The Beauty I Dream

Mountain that I will never see
the beauty I dream.

The rivers and oceans that swirl with life
I think of you in the empty moments of my life.

The many fields of bloom and blossom
I sit in you, on you, communing with you.

The cows and horses roam, their sounds unheard by me
by my choices, by what I have left undone.

The views, breathtaking, that I deny myself
by myself.

The actions not taken, fear stifled dreams
that were not deferred but dropped
into the abyss of tomorrows.

Why I did not give myself to you,
I do not understand but know,
I do that knowing it has been my loss.

© Exposed Loving 💙,11.30.17

Permission Given

Sometime what someone needs is someone to give them permission. So here goes…

you have permission to take care of yourself.
You have permission to let go of the past.
You have permission to make up your own mind.
You have permission to trust people who have not betrayed you.
You have permission to love again.
You have permission to be creative.
You have permission to let go of guilt, shame and insecurities.

What else are you going to give yourself permission do?

Exposed Loving 💙, 11.30.17

Created to Create

I have been created and God has created within me.

I’ve been created to see the beauty in and around me.

I’ve been created to give love and recieve love.

I’ve been created to created from nothing.

I’ve been created to worship God and to commune with Him in the morning, afternoon and evening.

I celebrate creating and the creation the is His.

EL💙, 11.12.17