Words Are Few

My thoughts are
fused with yours
although there is
land and sea between

Our hearts beat to the
same rythym
although our words
have become

has taught us that silence can
many things,
keeping our secrets
indulging our fantasies
keeping us company
while our

© Exposed Loving, 1.3.17

What’s Seen and Read?

A picture can say and mean many things. In the eye of the creator the picture has a definite meaning and is saying something specific.

Words that come together as poetry or prose can mean and say many things. In the hand or mind of the creator, the words have a definite meaning and is saying something specific.

Pictures and words on a canvas or page can and will say many different things to the reader or the viewer. They are suppose to bring them, the viewer and reader to their own conclusions based upon their understanding and experiences. No two people understand and experience quite the same.

It is all in the eyes of the beholder. This is good. The reader and the viewer get to have their own creative process take place from the impetus of the pictures they view and the words they read.

What do you think?

Exposed Loving 💙, 11.24.17.