Contagious Artistic Enthusiasm

The empty canvas greets me in the form of a feeling accompanied by questions I ask myself.

The images are not known to me yet I persevere.

The clock ticks and tocks,
a broken silence tells me
time is passing.

The unknown images have
become known to me,
my enthusiasm is marked
by the energy felt in my heart then more images take their shape.

I define the curves,
set the objects in motion,
some without a notion
are placed together
and they connect.

I have already recognized
the beauty that has been created even more so, I am awed by this artistry that has been given to me.

This piece has moved from a feeling to a sketch to questions, images appearing, drawings and I look forward to sharing them these provocative creations hoping my enthusiasm will be contagious.

Originally Posted by Exposed Lovingđź’™ on 11.14.17 (Revised 2.7.18)

More Than a Bloodline

Home is where the family is, right? Not necessarily. Home is the family you make.

Home may be where bloodlines do not exist but truth and love persists.

Loved ones have gathered, over time to share in your hearts dreams celebrating every point in between.

Breaking bread, sharing recipes and midnight making beds, sleep overs, not planned because they don’t have to be.

Pains shared, cut in half, the listening ear knows no gender, class or race but embraces the heart.

Friends, formed for life, meld together an exotic zen of earthy crunchiness; an urban blend.

We sip our coffee sometimes tea reminiscing about life and it’s possibilities.

We are a place of safety, each one though not many are plenty, enough to call home a family grown by love.

Originally Created by Exposed Loving, 2016

Words Are Few

My thoughts are
fused with yours
although there is
land and sea between

Our hearts beat to the
same rythym
although our words
have become

has taught us that silence can
many things,
keeping our secrets
indulging our fantasies
keeping us company
while our

© Exposed Loving, 1.3.17